Friday, March 27, 2015

Conference at Columbia University and Spring in Oxford.

I'm really excited to be spending a couple months this spring (mid-April until the end of June) as a visiting fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. While in Oxford I'll be working on my new book project, "Proust, Sociology, Talk, Novels: The Novel Form and Language-in-Use."  The first installment from this new project will be an article called "Proust and Language-in-Use" in an upcoming issue of Novel.

I'll be returning to San Francisco on July 5, and will pick up my yoga teaching schedule again at that point.  The class at Bija Yoga (11 am Saturdays) is suspended during my absence. The class at IYISF (6 pm Fridays) will be meeting.  John Hayden will be teaching it while I am away.

I'll be stopping in NYC on my way to England for a conference at Columbia University devoted to Simone de Beauvoir, Violette Leduc and Monique Witting. Program information here.

The Feminist Press is reissuing Leduc's Thérèse and Isabelle  in June with an afterword by yours truly.  Keep your eyes out for it!